Cloud-and-Water Hermitage

This site offers contemporary translations of Zen texts and gives information about our small temple. For translations please see Zen Teachings.

Cloud-and-Water Hermitage is a place of meditation and retreat for those who practice  Serene Reflection Meditation (mokusho, Zazen sitting as done in Soto Zen).

People established in the practice can come for a personal retreat or join a small or medium sized group under guidance of Rev Hakuun Barnhard, a master of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives. Other monastics of Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey may sometimes be invited to offer the Dharma, as well as lay ministers.

The wide views and stillness of the area invite us to put down all distractions and just be. Thus we get connected to the longing for an open heart, unhindered by judgements. Meditation and training bring contentment with what life offers, and awakens compassion for self and others.

Beginners from the region can come for morning and evening meditations on Tuesday evening. Those established in the practice are welcome on Friday evening.

The hermitage monk can offer a Buddhist funeral, memorial, house blessing and personal guidance on the Buddhist path.

We conduct services and give instruction mainly in Dutch and English.

An Unsui (Cloud-and-Water) is Buddhist committed to finding the truth of being. It is a resident trainee or, traditionally, also a wandering monk who seeks guidance and a good teacher.  Both discover the freedom and connected-ness of clouds and water.